Standard features

  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Instant Setup
  • 24x7 Support
  • Weekly Backups
  • Money back guarantee
  • Easy upgrades
  • Paypal Verified
  • Serving since 2008
  • CPanel control panel
  • Softaculous Premium

1 dollar web hosting$1/month

Suitable for hosting starter websites and blogs.

Plan name : Tiny

CPanel/Softaculous Included
200 MB Web Space
2000 MB Monthly Bandwidth
2 FTP Accounts
2 E-Mail Accounts
2 MySQL Databases
2 Sub domains
Can host 1 domain - NO addon domains

Regular Price : $1.5/month OR $15/year
Discounted Price(Limited time offer) : $1/month OR $9/year

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Customers answered Pre-sales questions..

Almasi : I dont know how to order and pay for hosting. Do you have a guide?
Support Response : Yes. There is a step by step tutorial here which shows and explains all the steps involved in ordering hosting plan and payment process. It also shows steps which indicate how and where you will obtain instant CPanel login details after payment to start with your website creation.
García : Want to upgrade my hosting plan to a higher plan with more diskspace. What to do?
Support Response : Please open a support ticket mentioning to which plan you want to upgrade your service. You can submit a support ticket here. If you have multiple hosting services with us, do mention which service you need the upgrade for clearly. We will create an upgrade invoice to pay. Once it is paid we'll upgrade your service to your desired hosting plan.
Sousa : I forgot my cpanel login details. Where to get them?
Support Response : Login to our client area here. Once logged in, click "Services List" button to see your cpanel url, user name, passwords and name servers for all your services.
Rossi : Why you are hosting your client area on a different site(
Support Response : Our main website and client area are seperately hosted on different domains to provide a better user experience. They are not only different domains, actually, they are hosted on 2 different servers located in 2 different data centres in different locations! The idea is, if any of them goes down due to temporary technical issues, the user should be able to reach us thru another site. It enables us to never have both the sites offline.
Intan : How much time it takes to complete ordering and get my cpanel details?
Support Response : It hardly takes around 3 minutes to complete the ordering and payment process. And, instantly after payment, you'll see your CPanel details to login and continue with your website construction. You can see the complete process of ordering at ordering tutorial page. You can always contact us and ask for any clarifications before or after the ordering process.
Tanaka : Hey, I only got cpanel login details. Where are ftp details to use?
Support Response : You can use your cpanel login details for ftp login too. Whatever your cpanel username and passwords you got, can be entered into your ftp client software without any change for ftp user and ftp password. The ftp port to use is 21. For hostname, enter the server ip you got. After trying everything, If you still have ftp login issues, please open a support ticket at our client area for assistance.
cucu : Do you insert any forced ads on our pages?
Support Response : No. We dont insert any kind of ads on your hosted pages. But, you are free to insert your own ads of your choice. The only case where you'll see us on your page is account suspension(may be for an overdue invoice). On suspended hosted pages, We show a suspended page with a link to our client area to login and pay your invoice.
gambler : I want to redirect a few of my webpages to a different url. Do you support redirects?
Support Response : Yes. We do support redirects. Either you can achieve this thru htaccess or you can use the built in redirects tool inside cpanel.
mu que : What name servers I should use with my domain?
Support Response : We use multiple geographically dispersed hosting servers in different locations. The name servers you should use depend on which location you opted while ordering. Please refer your hosting information email for correct name servers to use. If you need assistance, contact support department for assistance.
larva : How can I optimize my wordpress site from overloading the server?
Support Response : Install a good caching plugin and configure it to cache everything. In most cases, this will fix overloading issue. Also, delete un wanted plugins and themes. Using a content delivery network(cdn) such as cloudflare helps further. You can instruct wordpress to minimize number of revisions per post. Turn off automatic wordpress soft crons.
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